Build, Improve, & Defend Your Base in Another Reality

[Atlas Empires] "combines the best elements of Pokémon GO and Clash of Clans into its own AR experience"


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Location- based Augmented Reality.

As the story goes, the Atlas world is full of raiders. These raiders have made it very unsafe for normal villages to sprout up. Farmers and fishermen aren’t as plentiful as they used to be. To make money, the citizens have taken up arms, fighting for gold. Thus, the Atlas Empires Universe is full of mercenaries - always looking for a fresh battle to join! When walking around town, these mercenaries will appear nearby on your map. Win these mercenaries over with gold.

Research & Discover Resources

Remember, in this universe, the raiders have made it nearly impossible for citizens to lead a simple life. A well-protected tower is key to success. As with any base building game - you'll need resources. With the exception of gold, resources won't produce at your tower. Resources can be found in loot crates, resembled by chests. Basic chests will be delivered once a day to your tower – but more can always be found around town. What each chest holds is a surprise. It could be any of the resources - like wood, stone, or metal.

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