Claim a Real 5'x5' Plot of Land.

Build an Empire Where you Live.

Land is limited. Download Now to claim your home base!

Never before has the entire globe been mapped into small claimable chunks of land combined with a seamless 3D user interface. 

Atlas Empires allows you - the player - to claim any tile in the real world and build a real world Fortress there.

Claim Land in the real world. Build a base right where you live.

The portal has opened. Strangers are flooding through the gates into Atlas, and the amount of land available is quickly dwindling. Once land is claimed, no one else can claim that same plot. Where will you claim as home base?

Walk Around. Discover Troops. Collect Resources.

Unlike other location based games, walking in Atlas is not a requirement. However, it will enhance your ability to win the game. For example, walking can help you find those extra resources for that next upgrade, or a visit to the card dealer could reveal that troop you've been waiting to uncover...

Earn Premium Currency by Shopping at Your Favorite Stores

We get it, not everyone has extra cash to pay for premium currency. That's why we're partnering with a growing list of national retailers that will GIVE YOU premium in app currency for every dollar spent  at their stores. 

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